Coöperatie VGZ U.A. is the parent company of eight different health insurers, including VGZ Zorgverzekeraar N.V., VGZ Cares N.V. and Univé Zorgverzekeraar N.V. The cooperative provides insurance to almost four million clients in total, and that on a non-profit basis.

FIZ advocaten is proud to be counsel to VGZ, providing advice and brainstorming about (financial) regulatory laws or representing VGZ at law. Not only does FIZ advocaten counsel VGZ in disputes with distribution partners, but also with care providers and insured about whether or not certain treatments should be reimbursed under the policy terms.

As it is convinced that personal connections are hugely important, FIZ advocaten is happy to invest in its personal relationship with the VGZ staff.

  • “Since a couple of years VGZ has been working intensively with FIZ advocaten. Typical of that collaboration is FIZ advocaten’s professional support and advice, which have strong roots in their in-depth understanding and insight into VGZ’s strategic considerations and interests of the one part and today’s realistic operational requirements and practice of the other. VGZ has no use for carefully phrased theoretical advice. What VGZ needs is practical and discerning support that focuses on VGZ’s business processes and reputation. On an ongoing basis FIZ advocaten helps VGZ reconcile practice and theory by operationalising the exodus, and by giving practical advice on how to modify business processes. FIZ does not simply dole out instructions, but gives advice in a pleasant and professional open atmosphere in which both sides learn from each other and encourage each other to always create optimum services for our clients. And last but not least: FIZ works at highly competitive rates that are hard to rival."

    Miriam Clercx VGZ