Corporate Story

Dedicated, Specialized and Accessible

FIZ provides legal and strategic advice as well as litigation and dispute resolution services on all matters related to restructuring, structured finance and financial regulatory law.

Our teams of experts work together on all aspects of Dutch and European law relating to structured finance and capital market transactions. We combine an in-depth knowledge of the sector with a thorough understanding of applicable law and all possible regulatory aspects to set up, or create, practical and effective structures and solutions. To date, we have been involved in transactions with a combined value exceeding EUR 10 billion.


Our dedicated team of lawyers deliver intellectual rigour, excellence in law and industry insight. We also look behind the law to deliver innovative, business savvy solutions for the most challenging situations.

Complex matters are handled by an integrated team of multidisciplinary experts, highly competitive with teams at the biggest firms. The FIZ partners bring exemplary track records established over decades in the field – working in private practice, government and in-house. Our teams work closely together, enabling the formulation and execution of the best outcomes for the transaction at hand and beyond.

Widely published, our advisers are well known for their thought leadership. We strive to stay ahead of the curve and consistently provide invaluable insights on the latest legal developments.


Highly specialized

Finding the best solution for our clients requires a solid understanding of multiple specialized practice areas and maintaining a seamless link between them. FIZ is structured to meet this demand and deliver expert legal and strategic advice across the full spectrum of issues that can arise in complex financial law matters. This unique combination of specialized practice areas and the close connection between practice teams means our clients receive the most comprehensive and efficient support at every step.


Our clients deeply value the strong working relationship we cultivate and maintain with them. Our solutions are about adding value over the long term. We take the time to genuinely understand the full picture of what our clients need and deliver exceptional personal service in every interaction.

We provide short, direct and transparent lines of communication with our lawyers. When clients call, we are ready to listen and quickly find best solutions. Close working relationships within the firm mean our clients have access to a broad team and a wealth of expert knowledge.

This close connection is maintained throughout the matter at hand and beyond. This continuous involvement means we are well informed for any future issues that may arise. We stand ready with a strong and effective partnership.