Behouden huis

Behouden Huis makes it possible for the surplus value of a home to be 'eaten' without having to be relocated. The resident does not have to pay a rent and can, if desired, continue to live in the [...]


With SprayPay consumers can pay their purchases at webshops between 250 and 2500 euro. The payment method is intended for the purchase of durable consumer goods, such as bicycles, furniture, [...]


A vertically integrated macadamia company with activities in nursery, macadamia production, processing and marketing. The company is active in The Netherlands, Portugal, Malawi, Swaziland and [...]


Coöperatie VGZ U.A. is the parent company of eight different health insurers, including VGZ Zorgverzekeraar N.V., VGZ Cares N.V. and Univé Zorgverzekeraar N.V. The cooperative provides insurance [...]

CMIS Group

CMIS Group offers Dutch and foreign institutional investors attractive opportunities to invest in new Dutch residential mortgages under the Merius Hypotheken label. Through the Merius Investor [...]