Jurian SnijdersAdvocaat

Founding Partner Jurian Snijders leads the Structured Finance, Restructuring and Recovery team. He brings an exemplary track record spanning 20 years advising on the most complex finance law matters.

Jurian founded FIZ in 2013 to provide legal and strategic services for business recovery and growth. A highly regarded leader in his field, he delivers a wealth of specialized knowledge and expertise in structured finance, restructuring and insolvency. An expert in the Dutch mortgage sector, Jurian has a wealth of experience in advising on mortgage and consumer loans.

Most recently, Jurian has become a leading advisor on the newly introduced “Wet Homologatie Onderhands Akkoord”, a tool based on the English scheme, recent European bankruptcy law developments and US Chapter 11 procedures.

Well known for his thought leadership, Jurian is a regulator contributor to high profile legal editors and publications.