Structured Finance


The world of structured finance isn’t that structured at all. Far from it: on a daily basis, one has to consider possible business threats and opportunities, shifting stakeholders’ interests and national and international political developments – all of which may have an impact on the set-up and profitability of the deals.

Also, one must be able to fully grasp and cope with the major structured finance trends disrupting and reshaping today’s playing field: digitalization / platformization and the fast-growing focus on sustainability.

Harnessing your strategic business goals against these game changers, while simultaneously ensuring your ambitions align with all relevant rules and regulations, calls for in-depth legal knowledge, a robust head for numbers and a thorough understanding of you and your business.

At FIZ, we combine that know-how with our pragmatic approach, our eye for detail and our everlasting willingness to go the extra mile for our clients.

What can FIZ do for you?

We are a boutique law firm, located in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, specialized in all legal matters related to (complex) financing, insolvency and security. Our firm combines knowledge of structured financing, financial regulatory legislation, insolvency law and security rights.

Despite the modest size of our firm, our structured finance team consist of specialists with all the relevant expertise.

This means we can easily match ourselves with our peers working at the largest international firms, whether it is acting alongside them as co-counsel or during transaction processes when we find each other on opposite sides of the table.

When litigation arises, we act for clients in legal proceedings, (financial) dispute settlement/litigation (both between business partners and between lender/servicer and borrower).

Areas we advise on

  • Structuring and setting up consumer (retail) loan, mortgage loan and SME loan or lease platforms and funds;
  • Structuring, and – if necessary – restructuring, factoring, (other) asset backed financing, whole loan sale, warehouse
    and securitization transactionsions;
  • Negotiating and drafting the relevant (Dutch law) agreements and ancillary documents;
  • Setting-up financial products and their terms and conditions; and
  • Other more complex (corporate and/or asset based) financing structures.
  • We not only assist our clients with this as their transaction counsel, but usually also act as legal and strategic advisor to their management board.

The FIZ approach and main asset

One of our firm’s key values is accessibility. We live up to that by providing high-quality legal and strategic advice via short, direct and transparent lines of communication, throughout the matter at hand as well as beyond.

We are fully aligned to uphold our firm’s main ambition, serving our clients
in the best possible way. We are proud to say that our clients deeply value the
strong working relationship we cultivate and maintain with them. This is stressed by the fact that some of our clients have been with us since the founding of FIZ as well as by our rankings.

Our clients include financial institutions, insurance companies, financial facilitators such as crowdfunders, payment institutions and fintechs, energy corporations, private equity investors, SME’s and large businesses, municipalities and (other) businesses active in or otherwise interested in the financial sector.

Recent matters

  • The Prinsen 2022-1 transaction, the Jubilee Place transactions (2020-1, 2021-1, JP 3 and JP 4) and Dutch Property Finance transaction (2021-2, 2022-1, 2022-CMBS1 and
  • The restructuring of different private warehouse transactions supported by Amsterdam Trade Bank N.V. as senior lender;
  • The setting up of the direct lending platform of Impact Hypotheken (having previously assisted in setting up its sister platform Merius Hypotheken);
  • Advising the originator and servicer on the Dutch long running E-MAC securitization transactions;
  • The setting up of an orphan SPV structure for the financing of solar panels and heat pumps;
  • The setting up of an Islamic finance mortgage platform; and
  • Assisting several web shop financiers, whose platforms are funded by private warehouse transactions.

Meet the team