What we do

Excel in our profession

FIZ advocaten is the product of our drive to excel in our profession and to provide our clients with personal and result-oriented services. We give strategic advice, build legal structures, draw up contracts and litigate in the fields of financial law, insolvency law, the general law of obligations and property law. This makes us a fully-fledged strategic partner.

“FIZ” stands for Financiering, Insolventie en Zekerheid (Financing, Insolvency and Security): areas that require broad legal expertise when it comes to the crunch, but that also have a very practical component. We are niche firm that combines knowledge of the law with practical experience in the workplace.


There are numerous types of funding. We can advise on the best form for you, help you set up the appropriate structure, organise the issue of securities, and help you weigh and cover the risks.

  • Setting up fund structures and drawing up the related documentation
  • Supervising crowdfunding and other alternative types of financing
  • Supervising the issue of bonds, shares, units, etc.
  • Structured finance, capital market: securitisation, warehouse funding and wholesale
  • Preventing and resolving disputes
  • Private equity


We keep abreast of the rapid financial innovations with a great deal of interest. We know exactly what’s happening, but also regularly advise and publish about those innovations. That makes us a strategic partner that can help you make choices and weigh the risks and opportunities, which allows you to operate safely and effectively at the frontline of the financial sector.

  • Supervising crowdfunding
  • Implementing and applying blockchain technology
  • Supervising innovative payment services (PSD2)
  • Advising on market access, product development and services

Financial products

Financial products must comply with a complex set of rules. We can examine the entire chain within your company and ensure that your financial products and services are in keeping with the contractual requirements and the Financial Supervision Act. How do you organise your range of products and how do you introduce new products? We can help you devise strategic solutions.

  • Mortgages, buy to let, equity release products
  • Insurance
  • Supervising payment services
  • Consumer credit
  • Lease and hire-purchase
  • Disputes, litigation and complaints settlement
  • Cooperation with intermediaries and franchisees


We are aware of the value of information and closely monitor the developments in the field of data collection and data sharing. This allows us to optimally advise you on the implementation of the data protection regulations. We think in terms of possibilities, rather than problems, in doing so.

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data processing agreements and privacy statements
  • Data sharing, also by means of encryption or in the form of a deposit agreement
  • Dispute resolution regarding credit registration (BKR; Dutch Credit Registration Office)
  • Supervising data breach notifications to the supervisory authority (AP; Dutch Data Protection Authority)


Doing business in the financial sector involves working at the interface of markets and governments. We help you devise strategic solutions to allow you to operate successfully and within the rules. We provide you with legal assistance throughout the process, advise on the risks and opportunities, and provide support in complex structuring/restructuring operations and in crisis situations.

  • Dealing with new developments, such as Brexit
  • Complex structuring/restructuring operations, drawing up funding structures and refinancing
  • Risk and compliance
  • Dealing with threats, insolvencies, restructuring operations and liquidations
  • Supervising licence applications, Statements of No Objection and communications with supervisory authorities such as the AFM (Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets) and DNB (Dutch Central Bank)
  • Supervising investigations and enforcement measures
  • Assessing the impact of new regulations
  • Cooperating with intermediaries, franchisees and other stakeholders
  • Disputes, litigation and complaint settlement


We have knowledge of the theory as well as the practice of contracts, debts and the relevant regulations. We therefore ensure that contractual safeguards are in place and that the agreements made with your stakeholders are fulfilled. If you are faced with debt collection problems, we are right on the ball until we find the best solution. We are right at your side in a restructuring or recovery operation, to make the best of the situation.

  • Primary, special and master servicing in credit and loan portfolios
  • Dispute resolution, litigation and complaint settlement in mortgages, loans and (healthcare) insurance
  • Default management, such as the sale of security provided and enforcement disputes
  • Cooperation with intermediaries, franchisees and stakeholders
  • Dealing with threats, insolvencies, restructuring operations and liquidations

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