Corporate Story

Excel in our profession

FIZ advocaten is the product of our drive to excel in our profession and to provide our clients with personal and result-oriented services. We give strategic advice, build legal structures, draw up contracts and litigate in the fields of financial law, insolvency law, the general law of obligations and property law. This makes us a fully-fledged strategic partner.

“FIZ” stands for Financiering, Insolventie en Zekerheid (Financing, Insolvency and Security): areas that require broad legal expertise when it comes to the crunch, but that also have a very practical component. We are niche firm that combines knowledge of the law with practical experience in the workplace.

Full service to our clients

Our firm combines knowledge of civil-law financing, administrative regulatory legislation, insolvency law and corporate law in a logical manner to allow us to assist our clients across the board: from the rules by which they are bound to the practice in which they operate.

We analyse the situation, make a realistic risk assessment, tell our clients what to expect and turn our advice into specific action. We are good in finding the right tone in the communication with our clients’ stakeholders and supervisory authorities. The best result is a satisfied client and is more than the outcome of a single engagement.


We therefore personally commit ourselves to the result. At FIZ, you always know who you are dealing with: you gain both a legal and a strategic partner. We are open to alternative rate agreements. We closely monitor all developments and publish on them on a regular basis. That allows you to optimally profit from our knowledge and experience.

Our specialist areas include group financing, asset-based finance in lease and hire-purchase, mortgages, capital markets, securitisations, data protection, consumer credit, security, attachment and enforcement, and officers’ and directors’ liability. We have gained special expertise in alternative forms of financing, such as crowdfunding and block chain technology.