1. FIZ advocaten is a private limited liability company organized under Dutch law.
  2. These standard terms and conditions apply to all services provided by FIZ advocaten (including additional assignments and subsequent assignments) unless agreed otherwise in writing prior to engagement. Applicability of any standard terms and conditions of clients are explicitly dismissed.
  3. All assignments are accepted and executed by FIZ advocaten exclusively under a contract of engagement, even if an assignment is explicitly or tacitly intended to be executed by a specific member of the firm of FIZ advocaten. Applicability of Sections 7:404 and 7:407  sub 2 of the Dutch Civil Code is hereby excluded.
  4. Not only FIZ advocaten may rely on the provisions contained in these standard terms and conditions but also anyone who is or has been in the employment of FIZ advocaten.
  5. In the execution of the assignments granted FIZ advocaten will act as a responsible contractor.
  6. If the execution of an assignment by FIZ advocaten gives rise to liability, such liability will be limited to the amount paid in such cases under the current professional liability insurance of FIZ advocaten, increased by the excess to be paid by FIZ advocaten under the applicable policy terms. Upon request a copy of the policy terms will be provided.
  7. In engaging third parties FIZ advocaten will act as a responsible contractor. Any costs of engaging third parties will be charged to the client. Any liability of FIZ advocaten for failures of such third parties is hereby excluded. To the extent that third parties apply a limitation of liability for professional errors, FIZ advocaten has the right to accept such limitation of limitation on behalf of its clients.
  8. FIZ advocaten will send monthly invoices for its services. Invoices must be paid within 30 days of invoice without suspension or set-off.
  9. FIZ advocaten has the right to review its fees on 1 January of every year.  FIZ advocaten will notify its clients well in advance of any adjustments.
  10. Legal relations between clients and FIZ Advocaten are governed by Dutch law.  Any disputes arising from the legal relations between clients and FIZ advocaten may be submitted to the Dutch court exclusively.
  11. In the event of conflicts between the Dutch text and the English translation of these terms and conditions, the former will prevail.