Finance, Insolvency and Security

FIZ advocaten is the product of our drive to excel

in our profession and to provide our clients with personal and result-oriented services in the fields of financing, insolvency and security. We combine legal expertise with thorough knowledge of the practice in which our clients operate. This makes us a fully-fledged strategic partner.


We are a boutique law firm, located in Rotterdam, specialized in all legal matters related to financing, insolvency and security.

Our clients include financial institutions, insurance companies, financial facilitators such as crowdfunders, payment servicers and fintechs, energy corporations, private equity investors, SME’s and large businesses, municipalities and (other) businesses active in or otherwise interested in the financial sector.

We offer our clients wing-to-wing advise, including drafting contracts and litigation, on all legal matters related to financial supervision and regulations, financial transactions and related structures, and the financing and restructuring of businesses.

We combine our high-quality advice with a practical, efficient and commercial approach. We want our clients to achieve their goals and are here to help.

Our clients